Jorge Luis Borges once stated. 1 have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library – PALPA, along with its other efforts has also established a glorious library for the learners in their well set-up educational institute (PIAMS). At this place not only can the people get their hands on great educational material but it could serve as a great platform for making progress (in the sense that use of good books enhances one’s learning capabilities and brushes up their knowledge leading to a significant progress).

When one walks in through the library’s glass door entrance. There is a large well-illuminated hall filled with shelves, bookstands and furniture. Along with other facilities. The room is also spacious and air conditioned. Books are arranged according to their genre (with appropriate tags on the bookshelves) so that it is easy to find the desired book without any hassle. Additionally, there are some lockers for storage of the additional material.

Moreover, the library is not only designed to serve the aviation personnel but their children could also benefit from the wide range of resources in the library. Apart from that pilots and flight officers are also welcomed to spend their time choosing and reading from a wide variety of books that are present. The librarian’s office is also situated in the library from there the issuance of the books could be carried out very easily. The facility is also equipped with state of the art internet facility.

Overall, the library is well set-up for the relevant people to benefit from it as much as they can. Among those who can visit include PALPA members, their relatives, and guests of the Pakistan.