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Pakistan Airline Pilot’s Association was formed by a group of dedicated pilots who are also founder of Pakistan Pilot’s Association (PPA) in 1954, a year before our national carrier PIA came into existence.

Pakistan’s flagship carrier, initially named as Orient Airways was established at birth of Pakistan. It was renamed as Pakistan International Airlines in 1955 and grew to be a leading Airline of the world.

PALPA came into existence in 1954 with a clear vision to uphold and enhance international and domestic flight safety. An extraordinary resourceful body decides to engage in formative nation building activity through Education institutions.

Already, an absence of an educational institute to cater to professional management demands and growing need for effective management of modern technology was long felt. This remarkable effort of PALPA has led to the establishment of a Business Management School in affiliation with University of Karachi.

So, PIAMS came into existence on 3 August 2011 as brainchild of Capt.Suhail Baluch.

Now we plan to launch world class Aviation Certification in the foreseeable future where our graduates of PIAMS will be given preference.