If you have minimum of 45 percent marks in your intermediate or if you have done A’ Levels and the Board of Intermediate issues you an equivalence certificate, you are eligible to apply for our BS(BA) program. For MBA program the prerequisite is graduation with minimum of 45 percent.

You do not need to know anything about flying to join either of our programs. Every industry requires accountants, HR professionals, marketing personals etc. Similarly in the aviation industry too such professional are required. Through this program you become a professional having more proficiency in the aviation field but you will be equally fit for any other industry.

Along with best physical facilities, PIAMS maintains one of the most experienced and qualified faculty. We very confidently claim that among all affiliated colleges our faculty stands out as the strongest. Apart from best faculty we also have the best classrooms equipped with smart boards, multimedia , and of course all rooms are air-conditioned with two stand-bye generators every lecture is recorded, and regularly uploaded on our website (visible to PIAMS’ students only). This helps the students revise each lecture at their will.

Internationally, degrees offered by state owned universities are given much more preference over any chartered university. PIAMS is affiliated with the University of Karachi, thus the degree you will be awarded will be of the University of Karachi. This will surely make your market value very strong both locally and internationally.

It is very true, today it is very hard to find a job especially in Pakistan. As most of the industries have either died off or are doing very poorly. But aviation industry where the job availability is very high and there are very few in Pakistan who has the relevant degree. As PIAMS is the pioneer in the field therefore after having done your studies from here you definitely have an edge in finding a dream job.