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Educational Methodology

The educational methodology at PIAMS seeks to make accessible to the students the background and knowledge of the various subjects in its Bachelors & Masters programs. The teaching staff will strive to develop these attributes through periodic quizzes, mid-term examination, assignments, final examination, individual research papers and the skills involved in scholarly enquiry.

The various instructional methods employed at PIAMS are aimed at assisting the students in achieving the learning outcomes. These include case studies, examples from aviation industries and class discussions. Relevant research examples will enable the students to develop answers and provide solutions based on deliberated consideration of relevant issues. Reading material will be provided to help the students evaluate different perspectives and discuss the issues during class sessions and other forums.

Program Objective

The Aviation and Management curriculum at PIAMS is a broad-based aviation educational program designed to inculcate technical know-how and develop managerial skills necessary for a career in aviation and related industries. Every discipline indoctrinated to the students gives an overall understanding of the basic subject, followed by its special application to the aviation industry.